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Garima Tripathi

Co-Founder and COO of Care24


Hanif Galwani

Hanif is a potter based in Kumbhrawada, Mumbai. His family has a 7-generations history with pottery. Working for a local NGO during the COVID-19, he and his team have been delivering food and suppliers to hundreds of residents.


Abbas Galwani

Visual artist Ross Miller works through site-based sculptural interventions to create conditions for engagement and reflection in public environments. Projects involve collaboration with engineers, landscape architects, community members, and artists.

He studied sciences and art at Harvard College, with further study

at the Harvard GSD and MIT.

Visual artist Yolanda He Yang is on her road to explore nature and human relationships through photography, videography and public art projects. With experience in both advertising and art administration, she is devoted to building up networks among visitors, audiences, art organizations and donors.

Maria Salim

Maria is a student with interest in understanding our lived experiences through art, architecture, and urban planning.

Ross Miller headshot b&w.png

Ross Miller

Shoaib Dinra


Yolanda He Yang

Miao Liu

Miao Liu is a New-Contemporary artist, born in China and currently based in the US. Her artworks are vibrant and bold, with a constant theme representing people's inner world. She is the creator and design director of the fashion line Mia Onóra.

Her artwork has been featured in museums in the U.S. and has been honored with art & design awards.

Looking Out to the Lake
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