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She bled to death from bullet wounds shortly after 9pm on

Saturday September 25th, 2021. Random gun fifire… the

neighbors reported a young man “sprayed” bullets into the group

of friends hanging outside their apartments on a perfect early fall

evening, gentle warm breeze.

She tried to walk as her legs bled, staining the sidewalk and

street. She died before an ambulance arrived.

The panicked crowd soon left the scene, yet her blood on the

sidewalk and street remained as a witness. Those stains,

recorded by hand tracing on mylar paper, are used here as stencil

templates for white spray paint.

Other than brief notes in the local police record, there has been no

public news of this shooting. At the site in Dorchester, MA, her

blood remained until a hard rain a few days later. 

Image in the background: Hand-traced Blood Strains of the Victim in Westview St, Dorchester, MA, Sept 11, 2021


The urgency of this notched up In early September prompted by this text from a friend in

Dorchester: “2 people got shot right now one boy one girl / I’m so scared for my family /

Get me out of here, Yeah, I am scared” The boy was taken to the hospital for surgery, the

girl, with a crowd of neighbors and police nearby, crawled behind a dumpster and died

bleeding of a leg gun shot wound. Our friend’s family did not eat dinner that night, did not

eat breakfast or lunch the next day. No one left that apartment until the next Monday

morning for school. We felt action needed to be taken, resulting in a direct action project

named Sidewalk Witness.

IMG_0819 2.HEIC

Images Above: We chose to record those stains, by hand tracing them on mylar paper. The 3’x 20’ tracing was used as a stencil template to transfer those marks, now with white spray paint, onto the asphalt paving at the main walkway entrance to Boston City Hall. An accompanying text described the story behind the markings.

Boston City Hall, Oct 2, 2021

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